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Well, hello there maniacs! I can call you that right? We’ve passed formalities ages ago!

Today’s topic is something we’ve all done or/and experienced before, and it is the famous FRIEND ZONE! (Also known as being friend-ed!)


Wait a sec! You don’t know what it means? No prob! I’ll give you a little description of it.

  What does friend zoning mean?

Simple, it is having a friend whom you would like to be more than just friends with, but they don’t. So, what they’d do is FRIEND ZONE you! As in, s/he would tell you things that would point to the fact that they’re not interested in you.

Still a bit lost? Don’t worry! I Have many examples to make this topic clearer for you. So next time you’re being friend zoned, don’t embarrass yourself any further and show that ‘always a friend, never a boy/girlfriend’ what they’re missing.

So, without stalling, here are the most famous friend-zoning hints your ‘I just wanna be friends’ would give you. Or maybe you could use (Although, I feel sorry for that other person.) :

To avoid repetition, let’s assume that you are the friend zonee (the victim).

1-Reminding you that you are just a friend:

  • You are such a good friend!
  • You are my best friend!
  • You’ll ALWAYS be my friend!
  • You’re like my brother/sister!

Here, there’s repetition of the word friend/sibling, so that you understand there’s NO WAY you two are going to be together.

2-Blaming it on your friendship!

  • You’re a great guy/girl, but I don’t like you in that way.
  • I love you, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship. Because relationships never last, but friendships DO! (hmm.. -raise mah hand- Guilty?)

I think that’s a kick below the belt! It’s totally unfair, because that’d make you (The unfortunate friend zonee) HOOKED on him/her! But that’s another story… So, let’s just stick to our topic.

3-Telling you about their love interest (Whom by the way, isn’t YOU!)

  • I really like that girl/guy (who isn’t you!) I want to be with him/her.
  • My lover/crush this! My lover/crush that! S/He did this and that and blah blah blah..
  • ‘The lucky idiot’s name’ is soooo ‘compliment’ and soo ‘rain of compliments’ I soooo love him/her (again, not you!)

In this example, your ‘JUST friend’ is boring you with their love interest stories to indirectly tell you that the place you want to be in for them is already booked/occupied! And don’t get your hopes up! It might never be available even if it doesn’t with the other person.

4-Sharing with you details about their lives they wouldn’t share with their lovers:

  • -Telling you something about their intimate, personal lives-
  • -Telling you something that isn’t so “attractive” about him/her-
  • -Sharing too much details with you..-

Basically here, they would just tell you things they wouldn’t normally tell to their love interest.  Thus, referring to the fact you will not be more than a friend to them.

5-Pushing you away:

  • I’m sorry, I can’t hang out right now, I’m really busy. (giving this excuse many times)
  • I’m sorry, I completely forgot we had plans. We’ll do it another time k?
  • -Avoiding you as much as possible-
  • -Acting as if they don’t understand your ‘I like you’ hints, and sending you way off..-
  • -Stop being so nice to you because they thought it gave you the “wrong idea”-
  • -Being cold and acting so awkward around you..-
  • -Being careful and thinking before saying anything around you..-

This is a pretty common friend zoning act. And it’s where usually all friendships that have suffered from F. Z. situation go to. You would start acting awkward around each other, feeling nervous and being careful of what you can say next that would give the other person the wrong idea. That’s like the before-final phase of the friendship. Next, would be a major breaking up fight or a simple, peaceful ‘going on the different directions’ separation.

This is basically how F. Z. is done! I have to admit I have friend-ed before and I actually used all those methods! Therefore, just so you know, I’m speaking from experience.

Is friend zoning someone a good thing? Not really. But you can’t expect someone who always thought of you as a friend to suddenly fall for you because you did. So, take my advice! If you like someone, don’t get closer to them using the ‘I just wanna be friends’ excuse! But be honest! Tell them you’re interested in them! If they’re not,  be clear by saying “Ok! No prob. Let’s be friends if you want, but remember, I like you! And NOT as a FRIEND!” Then work your butt off to make them see you’re worth the try!

And if you do have a friend you’re interested in, Don’t confess without giving it a though! Think of the friendship you’re most likely going to ruin! And try seeing if that person’s interested in you or not.

Bottom line, guys, It’s not so hard to win a girl’s heart. Every girl likes an honest gentleman who at least tries to understand her.

And bottom line, girls, It’s not so hard to get a boy either, but there’s more than one way to get him. If you try the wrong one, all you’ll be getting are the wrong “ones”. But if you try the right way, like being nice, being true and especially being yourself, The right guy will come knocking on your doorstep!

And before I wrap this up people, here’s a couple of advice:

-Do not misinterpret friendly behavior as flirting..

-If the person you like rejected you and you can’t seem to win them over. It means it just wasn’t the right person, even  if they really seem perfect for you. But DON’T, and I insist DON’T YOU EVER let them use you under the excuse that you “might” be together one day..

Last but not least, if there’s someone who likes you, before friend zoning them, try giving them a chance. At least in your mind, consider them! Because they might be the best thing that could happen to you. But beware from Pricks!

That’s it for not, Sorry for being too talkative/typist!

Until next time,

Stay crazy!

Bye Byez~



Hey there crazy people! Sorry I haven’t made a post in about 3 long weeks! Why? I forgot. Well, that’s in the past. I’m here now, with a brand new post where I not only  tell some annoying facts about being an internet user, but also share my own experience about it!

Anyway, to be honest I had no idea whatsoever what to write about! I was just hoping that as I go on, a good idea would magically fall into my head. Yeah, I’m superstitious like that!

Since you’re reading this it means I found my post idea. Internet Bluffing!

There’s those amazingly BAD liars who make up a fairy tale where they’re either playing Cinderella:

Poor orphan, whom people hate and badly treat. A suffering prince/ss charming..

Or Bat-Man:

A cool, handsome dude/ss who helps and saves people from dangerous situations and everybody seems to love.

It’s not that I don’t believe that people like that exist, it’s just that there are some people who seriously SUCK at lying. I mean I feel embarrassed for them… So, they better get real!

The most famous, if not only place where people’s lives are like fairy tales (After TV of course) Is the one and only INTERNET! People think because they’re not having eye contacts with you, they can lie better. Well, they should think again!

There’s one friend on a social media site whom used to tell me the most ridiculous lies ever! Before I tell you some of his extraordinary life events, keep in mind that I had him and his supposedly “cousin” as friends. Here’s what he used to say:

-I have a cousin who recently got out of the hospital after a long coma caused by heart break..

In both account, him and “his cousin” had the same pics (as in same dude.) in their albums. And seriously, coma from heart break? Please! You can do better.

-Me and my cousin are actually twin brothers, but our parents hid that fact..

I was like: Couldn’t you tell that you look a lot like each other?

-No his hair was dyed blond and had blue eye contacts..

I was like: He doesn’t look blond with blue eyes in his pics..

-More and more ridiculous lies..-

So, to prevent myself from having a heart attack or going insane I just went along with what ever he said..

One thing I respect about good liars, is that they work hard on perfectioning their lies and take the time to make them believable. It’s actually disrespectful to tell such a stupid lie and expect me to believe it!

Anyway, there’s another type of bad liars: Intention seekers:

A terribly sick person who can die any second, but didn’t tell you about it earlier because s/he didn’t want to make you sad.. (Or any other scenario that includes an unbelievable fatal disease.)

This is exactly what happened to my friend. She was talking to someone who’s using her friend’s account and said that her friend was sick and had this lung disease which made him faint a lot and could kill him. It was inherited from his father whom died too, He said.

What that poor dude IGNORED is that the disease he mention (Pseudomonas) Is not an inherited lung disease, it’s an Infectious disease. He obviously never heard of Wikipedia!

I can go on and on talking about all the lies we’re being told everyday online or in real life, but that would take forever ’cause some people seriously have NOTHING better to do. Now, I’m not judging but if you’re one of those people, Just stop! You’re wasting your time and others’… If your life isn’t the way you want it, lying about it won’t make it better. But working on it will! So, for God’s sake, get lying lessons! Or a life! And if it makes you feel any better, a whole blog post was dedicated to you!

It’s all for this post, people.

Until next time,

Stay Crazy!

Bye Byez~

Hey there crazy readers, or crazy readers wanna be, or sane people! (and always –> o.O)

Today we’re gonna talk about a very important matter, which is how to escape from answering an awkward/personal, or just none of anybody’s business kind of questions.

So, whether you’re a kid, a teenager or an adult.. Everybody has to face one of these questions you don’t really like to answer. Some of us are quick “reactors”, which means they either find an excuse not to answer the question or just make up a lie to cover it up in no time. Others aren’t that quick or just don’t like to lie, and sometimes we’re just not that lucky to escape from the question! Especially if the interrogator is  one of your parents, or worse, both.

So, as I’m writing this post I’ll try to think of some excuses/diversions:

  1. A lot of my answers to people that aren’t so close to me, or not, are “It’s personal”.
  2. Some of my reactions towards people that are close to me are “Why are you always asking me questions?” -get angry and start complaining- (or what ever you do best. That’s a great diversion)
  3. When I asked this on fb most said “Ignore them”. It’s not always possible, but maybe.. Unless you’re good at ignoring people.
  4. Some of my friends on fb actually said to just make “…………”. So when I asked how to make dots in real life, one answered I can mumble “dot dot dot” (He was joking). But actually that’s not so bad, you can try saying something weird, or funny or just distracting in any way, they’ll think you’re crazy and maybe you can laugh about it and run away before they remember the question.
  5. Pretend like you didn’t hear the question and run to the bathroom. (You might wanna stay for a while there.) Note: This option is not for the faint of heart!
  6. you have to have a plan B! Something that the interrogator is interested in, something they’re always talking about (If I had to chose a topic for my mom it’d totally be my neighbor or my Dad’s family.) So when they’re about to ask, execute immediately plan B!
  7. Pretend it reminds you of something tragic that happened to you. Just look down, put your hand on your head and say in a troubled voice: I don’t wanna talk about it. (Only works if you’re an expert in drama queening.)
  8. be creative, scream dramatically and run away to a bathroom or something, say that something inside your clothes stung you or burnt you or something.. (Just pinch yourself or what ever if they asked for a proof.) Note: this probably won’t work if you’re not dressed. And, DO NOT HURT YOURSELF! I will not be held responsible if you do.
  9. Last but not least, just be honest and say: It’s none of your business (rudely. I do not recommend that.) Or say it more politely: I’m sorry, I can’t give you an answer, Because I do not want to. (Again, be creative! You can be nicer..or not.)

You probably noticed that there’s only 9 ways/solutions, well I want you guys/girls to tell me how YOU escape from unwanted questions.

I hope this helped. If not, then help me help you or just help yourselves!

By the way, do I talk (type) too much?

Anyway. Until next time,

Stay crazy!

Bye byez~