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Hey there crazy readers!

Before I start with this post, I’d like to apologize for not making a post in a long, long, long time! I’ve been just really busy trying to re-make another blog, And a little sick from going to the beach on a rainy day. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

But First, I’d Like to send out a special thank you to a very loyal follower who doesn’t seem to miss out a single post. That’s right V.  I’m talking about you! I hope you’re not doing that just ’cause we’re friends 😉

Now, back to our topic for this post:  Going to the beach on a rainy day! yay! I have to admit I’ve never done that before, because I thought rain+wind was a bad combination for a trip to the good ol’ beach, but it turned out to be the Right one!

Since school’s starting next week here, I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t get to enjoy the beach as much as I wanted to! And for me, the beach is like Vicodin for Dr. House! Once I jump in that water, You literally have to get me out of  it. So, I had to go no matter what!

Now that we cleared how close my relationship to the water is, time for the good part: Water on a rainy day is like peeing in your pants without the odor and the scratching. In another word, it’s soooooooo warm, soooo relaxing, and just AMAZING!

The beach though wasn’t calm, there was a red flag, which makes me and the people who were swimming a bit adventurous or just plain stupid.. But considering that I’ve been a beach person since I was a baby, and I learned how to swim at a very young age! And..aaah… My parents were constantly telling me not to go too far, I was Okay!

Yes, I did get sick. But it was totally worth it! I would not recommend this for someone with a weak immune system, because, and thank God, I have a pretty strong immune system, I rarely get sick. And when I do, it’s usually not a big deal. And again, thank God!

Anyway, the point is: It’s good to go out on adventures, discover new things, take chances, and just get out of the usual! But always remember, stay safe! Think before you act! Have fun! And tell me about it 😉

One last thing, If you’re planning to go to the beach on a rainy day, make sure it’s not in the middle of the winter and that there’s a Life Guard!

Until next time,

Stay crazy!

Bye byez~


Hey there crazy readers, or crazy readers wanna be, or sane people! (not to forget the o.O look)

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m not the best person to give this advice. However, considering my “struggling” with sleep (especially during vacation) I think it’s acceptable if I give you one or two advices. I can’t promise it’s going to work for you, but it usually does for my. (that’s right, ‘usually’ Which means it’s not really permanent but it does last for a long while)

Well, I’m not gonna give you the name of a drug, or ingredients for a magical recipe (a.k.a. homemade drugs), I’m just going to tell you what I do. And here we go:

In the summer the night is very popular, that’s why no ones likes to sleep during it. And so, we mix night and day. We sleep during the day, stay awake the whole night and feel like we’ve been awake for a whole month carrying the universe on our backs.

Did you know that you can die from lack of sleep faster than you can die from hunger? Well, now you do.

So, to set my clock right here’s what I do every end of the summer:

  • I make sure to chose a night where I don’t feel like sleeping at all.
  • So, I stay awake until morning. It’s very very important to keep yourself busy during that time, because if you don’t you’ll get bored, sleepy and eventually give up and fall asleep. I can recommend taking a bath/shower (No bubble bath though, you can fall asleep and drown!) Water is a great way to keep you refreshed and open your eyes,You can also watch TV, go out, surf  the net.. Just be busy!

Sometimes when I feel tired I take a nap at around noon for a few hours (make sure to sleep for only two to three hours, or else all you hard work will go down the drain! Believe me, It happened to me before)

One thing I can tell you, is that this technique or what ever you wanna call it might not work the first time. Especially if  you’ve never done it before or it just has been too log since you’ve tried it the last time. So you can try it twice, just make sure that you get some rest before doing it again, ’cause it takes a lot of strength and awakeness. (that’s not a word lol)

Anyway, if this doesn’t work after a few attempts I recommend another way, which is trying to sleep an hour earlier every night.. You can also try listening to quiet music, or anything that relaxes you (like the sound of the rain..etc) you can find that online, even on youtube. Or you can see a doctor, and get his/her medical advice.

That’s all for this post, I hope it was useful to you. If not, I tried :p

I’d love to know how you guys organize you sleeping time, so leave me a comment telling me about it below.

Until next time,

Stay crazy!

bye byez~

Hello there crazy readers, or crazy readers wanna be, or sane people! (and again, o.O)

Today’s post will be mourning about the end of  our beloved summer vacation.

I honestly can’t believe it ended so fast. (or about to end, for me) I still remember finishing our last exams like it was yesterday, I didn’t even enjoy the beach like I should!

I think they should really consider prolonging it up to 06 months, or more… And I am only saying that because it’s in the best interest of everybody! I mean think about it, students will be mentally and physically more stimulated to go back to school and do their best not to FAIL! And teachers will stop complaining about how they hate their jobs that pays incredibly well, and how it’s so hard to be a teacher! And not just that, believe it or not! But kids’ allowance will drastically fall down! (just saying that for the parents.  Face it! We need to win them over)

It’s a Win-Win for everybody!

Anyway, since that probably won’t happen.. We’ll talk about something more cheerful like buying new stuff, and meeting up with friends!

We all have these awesome cool friends that we plan to have an awesome, epic summer with once school is over. But end up seeing them once or twice or not seeing them at all!

The fact is the best times go by very fast. And most of those time we’re busy being lazy and bored, so we end up wasting them at sleeping/feeling sleepy and tired like a cat. (I love cats)

So, I am actually a little excited to go back to school and see my dear, dear, awesome friends whom I freakishly miss very much!

That’s not the only thing I’m excited about, going back to school is one of these yearly events where you can spend a big amount of money on clothes and unnecessary supplies without having to argue with your parents about it.

So if you’re still mourning about the end of the vacation, don’t! Enjoy  the first weeks of school ad remember: There’s always another vacation in December 😀

That’s it for this post, I’d love to know how YOU guys deal with the end of vacation.

until next time,

Stay crazy!

bye byez~