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I was so inspired by the friend-zoning topic (It’s passed my bed time, and I usually get an adrenaline rush if  I’m not asleep by this time ) that I had to make another post about it (in the same nigh)t, and of course publish it later on after getting good responses about the ‘never ending’ first post. But I promise, this one is short, only Images I Googled:

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I don’t own any of these picture…

Apparently, I think I have to say that.

Anyway, I think I’ve said everything that needed to be in the last post. If you missed it, here’s the link https://crazybitlazybutproud.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/knowing-when-youre-being-friend-zoned-friend-ed/

That’s all for today.

Until next time,

Stay crazy!

Bye Byez~


hey there crazies! I know. Pretty weird title right?

Sorry for not making a post in a while, I’ve been busy trying to survive this hard, cruel world! Being beaten everyday by this unfair hateful life, but I still have the time to come to you and try to draw a smile on your faces. A smile I couldn’t draw on mine.. Naah, just kidding! I’ve had a long first week of school.. Having a life really keeps you busy from the internet! :p

Well today’s post is interesting, and weird.

I got a cute little puppy last Friday, her name is Lily~  She’s an almost 4 months old adorable little white poodle.

I took her to the beach on Saturday. It turned out Lily was a bit afraid of the water, so giving her a bath wouldn’t be that easy. That’s why I thought if I’m with her while bathing her it would make her feel less nervous, it’s like what mommies do with their newborns.. And since I live in an apartment and we don’t have a yard I’d have to clean her up in the bathroom. So, I got in the tub got  her on my lap and started pouring some warm water on her..(usual dog bath.) Now, I don’t need to tell how to bathe your dog, I’m just going to give you the up and down sides of bathing with your dog:

Up sides:

less agitated dog.

-you get cleaned as well.

-your dog will be less afraid when seeing you get wet too, which would make them more comfortable when you’re bathing them next time.

-The more activities you do with your dog the better it is for your relationship together.

-A cleaner dog. Duh!

-You’ll get to have a nice hot bath after your dog’s turn’s done!

Down sides:

-You’ll smell like a dog if you don’t take a bath after bathing your dog.

-Your dog will probably shake to dry off, so you better be prepared to be very, very wet!

-if you have an agitated dog with long nails, there’s gonna be some scratching so you’d want to wear long clothes you wouldn’t mind getting wet.


-If you don’t wanna see a naked cat, don’t bathe your dog cuz that’s what you’ll get.

-I didn’t try this with any of my cats. If you want to, I advise you to wear thick pants and a long sleeves shirt, plus mask and gloves for protection.

-when it’s time to get your dog dried out you’d probably want to put them in a room where you wouldn’t mind having anything wet.. Because there’s gonna be a mess! Ofc if you already own/ed a dog, you know what I’m talking about.

-This is a post to help someone with a pet who’s scared of getting wet not a pervert who’s looking for some fun..

Well, that’s it for this post! I hope you liked it. One more thing, having a pet/s is a great thing! They’re super fun and cute, but its a big responsibility. So, for both your sake, be prepared for their trouble!

Until next time,

stay crazy

bye bye~

Hey there crazy readers!

Before I start with this post, I’d like to apologize for not making a post in a long, long, long time! I’ve been just really busy trying to re-make another blog, And a little sick from going to the beach on a rainy day. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

But First, I’d Like to send out a special thank you to a very loyal follower who doesn’t seem to miss out a single post. That’s right V.  I’m talking about you! I hope you’re not doing that just ’cause we’re friends 😉

Now, back to our topic for this post:  Going to the beach on a rainy day! yay! I have to admit I’ve never done that before, because I thought rain+wind was a bad combination for a trip to the good ol’ beach, but it turned out to be the Right one!

Since school’s starting next week here, I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t get to enjoy the beach as much as I wanted to! And for me, the beach is like Vicodin for Dr. House! Once I jump in that water, You literally have to get me out of  it. So, I had to go no matter what!

Now that we cleared how close my relationship to the water is, time for the good part: Water on a rainy day is like peeing in your pants without the odor and the scratching. In another word, it’s soooooooo warm, soooo relaxing, and just AMAZING!

The beach though wasn’t calm, there was a red flag, which makes me and the people who were swimming a bit adventurous or just plain stupid.. But considering that I’ve been a beach person since I was a baby, and I learned how to swim at a very young age! And..aaah… My parents were constantly telling me not to go too far, I was Okay!

Yes, I did get sick. But it was totally worth it! I would not recommend this for someone with a weak immune system, because, and thank God, I have a pretty strong immune system, I rarely get sick. And when I do, it’s usually not a big deal. And again, thank God!

Anyway, the point is: It’s good to go out on adventures, discover new things, take chances, and just get out of the usual! But always remember, stay safe! Think before you act! Have fun! And tell me about it 😉

One last thing, If you’re planning to go to the beach on a rainy day, make sure it’s not in the middle of the winter and that there’s a Life Guard!

Until next time,

Stay crazy!

Bye byez~

Hello there crazy readers, or crazy readers wanna be, or sane people! (and again, o.O)

Today’s post will be mourning about the end of  our beloved summer vacation.

I honestly can’t believe it ended so fast. (or about to end, for me) I still remember finishing our last exams like it was yesterday, I didn’t even enjoy the beach like I should!

I think they should really consider prolonging it up to 06 months, or more… And I am only saying that because it’s in the best interest of everybody! I mean think about it, students will be mentally and physically more stimulated to go back to school and do their best not to FAIL! And teachers will stop complaining about how they hate their jobs that pays incredibly well, and how it’s so hard to be a teacher! And not just that, believe it or not! But kids’ allowance will drastically fall down! (just saying that for the parents.  Face it! We need to win them over)

It’s a Win-Win for everybody!

Anyway, since that probably won’t happen.. We’ll talk about something more cheerful like buying new stuff, and meeting up with friends!

We all have these awesome cool friends that we plan to have an awesome, epic summer with once school is over. But end up seeing them once or twice or not seeing them at all!

The fact is the best times go by very fast. And most of those time we’re busy being lazy and bored, so we end up wasting them at sleeping/feeling sleepy and tired like a cat. (I love cats)

So, I am actually a little excited to go back to school and see my dear, dear, awesome friends whom I freakishly miss very much!

That’s not the only thing I’m excited about, going back to school is one of these yearly events where you can spend a big amount of money on clothes and unnecessary supplies without having to argue with your parents about it.

So if you’re still mourning about the end of the vacation, don’t! Enjoy  the first weeks of school ad remember: There’s always another vacation in December 😀

That’s it for this post, I’d love to know how YOU guys deal with the end of vacation.

until next time,

Stay crazy!

bye byez~

Hello crazy readers! Or crazy readers wanna be! Or just sane people reading a crazy person’s blog o.O ?!

Everybody’s welcome, no judgement!

Anyway, as my first post EVER! I am not gonna do something special, I can’t afford that lol

I’m just going to tell you about my several failed attempts of making up a cool blog address.

I tried a lot of  titles, from the simplest ones: beautiful-life.

To the longest, most complicated ones: life-is-beautiful-when-ur-me. And lufituaeb-si-efil. (reversed version of life is beautiful)

And after several also desperate attempts of the system telling me “Only lower case letters and numbers are allowed” I finally understood that I couldn’t use a dash (-) in the address!

I know, I bit stupid. I’ll just go ahead and call it clumsy.

Long story short, after an eternity I found a good one (I guess?)

check it out on the address box. If you like it, I don’t mind if you shared the link. (I’m kidding plz share :p)

here’s the correct, full meaning of it:

Crazy, a bit lazy, but proud!

So, if you’re crazy, a bit lazy and proud too SUBSCRIBE and let me know what you think of the address, the title, even ME!

Oh! and help me find a special, of course crazy signature I could leave at the end of each post.

Until then, I’ll end it simply by saying Bye Byez~