I'm crazy. What's your excuse?

Wanna Know more about this crazy blog?

One day, actually just a couple of days ago.. I was navigating the web, looking for a cool, crazy and fun blog to follow. And all the blogs I could find were about families, kids, complains and food..etc. But no blog just about fun and enjoyment!

so I was like: Hey crazy! if I can’t find the blog (happiness), I’ll make the blog! (happiness)

And the title ‘I’m crazy, what’s your excuse?’ suddenly jumped into my head! And that’s how this blog was made.

If you’re bored, angry, unhappy or even the contrary  this blog is your resort for letting out “the kid inside of you” and just be free, express yourself, and also read and enjoy my crazy posts whenever, wherever and however you want!

So, if you’re crazy, a bit lazy and proud, follow my blog!

If you’re not, that’s fine. Follow too 😉

for now, bye byez~


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