I'm crazy. What's your excuse?

Are you crazy? If so, what kind of crazy are you?

Posted on: November 4, 2012

Hey there my dearest maniacs!

Since you’re reading this post, you already answered the first question that says “Are you crazy?” So, that leaves me with one task, which is to give you the three types of craziness I know and let you decide which one fits you the most.

And they are:

  1-Mentally deranged: First, These people often got it good!  No cares, no worries, no stress.. It’s like spending your whole life as a kid. Unfortunately for YOU mentally deranged people are usually born that way,  This disease is controlled or “cured” with medications, or psych. sessions or nothing. So unless you’re that, you can’t have it as good or have drugs in a regular basis without being badly judged and called a junkie (Except if you’re a Hollywood star, or plain rich.. Apparently it’s ok! Life’s too hard for you.)

However, there are people who become crazy after having a depression or a mental breakdown.. These people might not always have it “great”.

And this is the literal meaning of craziness. The only problem these people have is bullying (yup, people actually bully them for being sick. Can you believe that?!)

  2-Spiritually deranged: This is my kind of crazy. Well, I wouldn’t use the term deranged here, I’d say spiritually free! Free from what you’d ask; free from all those useless boundaries society lays on our paths, free from the  chains it’s smuggling us with, free from others making decisions about our lives for us! So, bottom point: They say and do what they feel is right not what others tell them to.

And of course they can’t be in the ‘crazy people’ category if they don’t have a bit of craziness in them! Therefore, they’re fun and careless, crazy and funny, they’re the kind of person who you’d see walking on the street laughing loudly or doing some crazy thing not paying any attention to anyone else. They are the center of attention sometimes whether they like it or not!

One last thing, some people easily confound it with the first type… So, be free but remember, your freedom ends where the freedom of others begin.

  3-Mentally pretending: “Face to face and eye to eye, we’re so close yet so far apart….I hold” Wait! Wait! Wait! Sorry, I just remembered a song with the word pretending in it.

Anyway, these people are actually pretty smart! They disguise as mentally deranged to achieve many golds like:

-Having privileges of a crazy person.

-Spying on people.

-Committing a crime without having to be punished for it.

And many others! You should be careful from these ppl.

So, tell me! What kind of crazy are you? (Comment below!)

That’s all for now.

Until next time,

Bye byez~


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