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Hello crazy readers! Or crazy readers wanna be! Or just sane people reading a crazy person’s blog o.O ?!

Everybody’s welcome, no judgement!

Anyway, as my first post EVER! I am not gonna do something special, I can’t afford that lol

I’m just going to tell you about my several failed attempts of making up a cool blog address.

I tried a lot of  titles, from the simplest ones: beautiful-life.

To the longest, most complicated ones: life-is-beautiful-when-ur-me. And lufituaeb-si-efil. (reversed version of life is beautiful)

And after several also desperate attempts of the system telling me “Only lower case letters and numbers are allowed” I finally understood that I couldn’t use a dash (-) in the address!

I know, I bit stupid. I’ll just go ahead and call it clumsy.

Long story short, after an eternity I found a good one (I guess?)

check it out on the address box. If you like it, I don’t mind if you shared the link. (I’m kidding plz share :p)

here’s the correct, full meaning of it:

Crazy, a bit lazy, but proud!

So, if you’re crazy, a bit lazy and proud too SUBSCRIBE and let me know what you think of the address, the title, even ME!

Oh! and help me find a special, of course crazy signature I could leave at the end of each post.

Until then, I’ll end it simply by saying Bye Byez~